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Graphic Design Internship

Eligibility : 18+ years

Duration : 3 Months to 12 Months

Working days : Monday to Friday

Location : Remote

Internship Timings : Flexible

Scholarship Grant : $1500

Scholarship and funding


This internship is completely funded. Your courses and practical training are paid by us. Initially, we only granted scholarships to meritorious students but as time went on, we wanted to include everyone. So, you now qualify for funding regardless of your nationality, college results, or grade. If you are offered an internship, you will be considered for the scholarship right away. It is not necessary to apply for a scholarship separately. We made things as simple as possible for you.

We aim to reduce the worldwide unemployment rate from 6.5 percent to 5.5 percent with this internship initiative.

It is core to our dna to try things differently and constantly innovate using new age cutting edge technologies – be it starting a new business, exploring a new market. We're deeply committed to driving societal change in the communities. Over the next decade, one billion young people will enter the global workforce and unemployment among young people is a threat to humanity's future. It's a global problem that demands international cooperation.

Madhukar sanneerappa

Global president and CEO - NeoDocto

Build a global network from the comfort of your home.

The professional relationships that you build are one of the most valuable benefits of NeoDocto internships. A network will offer doors to both professional and academic prospects, regardless of your future career choice. These collaborations provide the ideal setting for finding mentoring, inspiration and outstanding references. 

Connect to experts across 24 Departments

In 81 Countries


You will stand out from the crowd with your exceptional contacts when it comes to submitting letters of recommendation to a university or a prospective employer.

In this internship, you will design visuals and graphics , practice skills, gain confidence, learn technologies and grow your network across 81 countries.


No two people are alike - we get it. And love it. Because we believe each one of us has something unique to offer. So no matter who you are or what you like, as long as you are passionate about what you do, you’ll find your niche and do great work.

We believe in staying ahead of the game and helping our clients do the same as well. Which is why, we employ the most cutting-edge technologies - from automation to Artificial Intelligence – even as they are being explored.

Beyond solving business challenges for some of the biggest brands, you also get to think new ideas for fun. The NeoDocto SMART session is one such platform, where you can experiment with rapid prototyping approaches, get hands-on experience with proprietary software tools and technologies, and engage with other talented team members.



Choose a duration which suits your best interest & apply

3 Months Internship



Design visuals and graphics, practice skills, learn technologies and grow your network across 81 countries

6 Months Internship


​Build confidence, learn team management skills, improve team effectiveness and collaborate with global teams.

12 Months Internship



Learn leadership skills, lead meetings, build high performance teams and deploy highly scalable global solutions

Project-based learning

Rather than teaching a lot of theory and only having you apply a fraction of it on a class assignment, we teach the exact opposite. We'll give you many international problems to solve. You will be better prepared to succeed in this ever-changing sector.

You won't find any formal educators here. Every intern here becomes a mentor, because the best way to get to the finish line is to help one another.



The NeoDocto SMART session is a tried-and-true bulletproof 24-hour format for turning ideas into prototypes with the help of teamwork and mentorship. 

Each session is timed and walks you through every stage of the process, from work assignment through mentorship and final report presentations. The SMART session is entirely virtual, so as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you may participate from anywhere.

I am new to a SMART session. How does it work?

Basecamp Project management software and Google classroom will be the primary communication channel for the SMART sessions. We recommend that you download the both apps and enable notifications on both your cellphones and desktops.

What kind of tools will I need to use at the SMART sessions?

You'll learn important skills including teamwork, communication, meeting deadlines, thinking outside the box, compromise, working remotely, and self-management, all of which are highly desired by employers!.

How will SMART sessions help me?

All NeoDocto organized SMART sessions formats are free of charge for interns. There are no other barriers to entry and absolutely no costs.

Does it cost money to get trained?

You are welcome to attend numerous SMART sessions; simply use Basecamp to connect with the teams you are interested in. 

What if I want to participate in multiple SMART sessions?

At one time, you and your entire team will collaborate and work on a single job. Concentrating on one activity at a time increases productivity, reduces stress, and makes you happier. If you focus on one thing at a time, you can achieve almost anything in life. single-tasking or concentrating on only one task at a time, produces higher-quality output faster.

What are the benefits of focusing on one task at a time?

Not a typical work culture.

NeoDocto is a large global corporation and we welcome people with different passions, interests, ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs. NeoDocto is an open-minded workplace that is a fusion of cultures and viewpoints. With so much diversity, your work and your life will both be enriched. No matter what your business card says, you’ll get to be more at NeoDocto. Each of our interns is trained to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 


You’ll do well for yourself surely, but you’ll also get a chance to do some good for others. At NeoDocto, we believe that the distribution of wealth is as important as its creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

Students and recent graduates can apply.

When should I apply?

The internship program runs throughout the year to accommodate different academic calendars.

What documents must I submit while applying?

To apply, you will need to fill the online application form and upload your resume in PDF format. If selected for an interview, you will be requested to provide an unofficial transcript.

Do I need a professor's recommendation?

Recommendations are not required. References, however, are required (professional or academic, regarding your background and skills.)

How soon will I receive an interview call after I submit the application online?

Typically after applying, you will receive an email to inform you that your information was received and is being reviewed. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with a formal interview call letter within 48 Hours

When will I hear from NeoDocto about the final decision?

Usually, you will hear from us within 72 hours of your interview.

One student from my school is already admitted. Does that mean I have a slim chance of getting enrolled for the internship?

No. Interns are selected on a project-to-project basis. Your ability and compatibility with a project will determine whether you get selected.

Who can I talk to before I make my decision to accept the internship?

You can talk to our Human Resources department team members or any past interns. In addition, career services at your school may provide advice.

Is this internship flexible?

​We understand that everyone's circumstance is unique, which is why we provide flexible internship opportunities to help you reach your full potential. Whether you want to stand out in a competitive employment market, make your university application stand out, or explore a new professional path, we can help. We've thought of everything. We’ve got you covered.

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