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          About NeoDocto

          NeoDocto Inc. is incorporated in multiple countries provides Healthcare, Education, Global Media and IT services. NeoDocto has been a pioneer in offering innovative solutions to its customers. NeoDocto continues to be one of the fastest growing IT services brands in Asia Europe and North America. NeoDocto has presence across the globe with 81 offices spread over USA, Europe,Australia and Asia. It currently recuits team members from 53 different nations.


          Though the USA has been the main source of revenue for NeoDocto,the company is looking into expanding into Europe and Asia. 


          NeoDocto (Australia) has won several new clients. Its high-end services occupy a premium position in the markets and the growth rates are consolidating across Australia and New Zealand.


          Ireland being one of the dynamic IT services market in the world, it is critical to NeoDocto’s growth plans. The operations in the Ireland acted as a gateway for NeoDocto to penetrate the European, Middle East and African markets.


          India also offered good talent pool to the company and excellent physical and communication infrastructure that facilitated NeoDocto to acquire the scalability that was required to achieve its ambitious growth plans


          Corporate Profile

          Corporate Profile 

          Coherent Market Strategy

          NeoDocto has made strategic investments with a clear focus on future expansion plans. The range of investment encompass not only infrastructure, but also covers areas such as human resources, technology and networking infrastructure. These investments have enabled NeoDocto to increase its new client penetration rate and have helped in attracting the best of global talent.

          Investing in Expertise

          NeoDocto’s team has a long experience in the software industry. The company has business innovation in global delivery model which is coupled with its technology and industry expertise, in the field of Healthcare, E-learning and Media Services. This disruptive model has enabled the company to offer distinctly superior services that met the client expectations and thereby facilitated the winning of new clients as well as retaining the existing clients.

          Factors for Success

          NeoDocto has been able to customise its services and solutions to the requirement of its clients. NeoDocto has delivered enhanced customer value to its  customers- evidenced by the 90 per cent plus repeat business that the company generates. Understanding client-specific needs and the value proposition has been key to this success.

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          Future Plans

          NeoDocto has ambitious growth plans. In order to achieve this, NeoDocto intends to increase its new client penetration and at the same time expand on the scope of operations with its existing clients.

          Global Sourcing

          NeoDocto global sourcing strategy is aligned with its business strategy, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency and delivering value added services to clients globally. The company has structured its business
          processes and IT services into various modules thus leading to enhanced flexibility and productivity. NeoDocto plans to be the benchmark for global sourcing.

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          Business value

          NeoDocto is a technology enabled business transformation company offering value added solutions to its clients. It plans to penetrate further in the Indian market by providing advance technology products and services that enable its clients to transform the way they operate. 

          Moving beyond Application Development 

          NeoDocto offers a range of services beyond its traditional strengths in Application Development. The company already has a strong foothold in the Health Education and Mobile applications segments. It plans to expand its offerings in other service area as well.


          NeoDocto's vision is to empower, innovate, and foster global collaboration to save countless lives.


          NeoDocto’s mission is to enhance the health and overall well-being of the individuals by providing exceptional, community-oriented support and care.

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