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Maya has a secret. Though her parents want her to study law or medicine at the University of Chicago, Maya aspires to be a filmmaker. She secretly applied to New York University to study film. After receiving acceptance into NYU, she struggles to tell her parents. Though the news upsets Asif and Sofia, they eventually agree to let her go. They change their minds, however, following a terrorist attack in Springfield. The suspect is thought to be Muslim. When their office is vandalized and Maya gets beaten up for being Muslim, they want her to stay at home and commute to a local college. Maya realizes that she must fight for her dreams. She informs her parents that she is going to NYU in the fall, and they disown her.

During her junior year in high school, Sara obsesses over Evan Parker and finally works up the courage to invite him to her junior prom. He turns her down on because of the expense, crushing her romantic hopes. Sara desperately wants boys to like her, and she despises herself because they think of her as only a friend. In her senior year, she finally gets a boyfriend, a death metal nerd nicknamed Slash, so she has a date for her senior prom. Eventually, after her freshman year in college, Sara and Slash have sex, after which Sara concludes that sex is overrated. She and Slash break up two months later.

Sara varies her memoir by adding family photos and excerpts from her diary from her teen years. At intervals, she also answers FAQs about Iranians and their culture. In the last sections of the memoir, Sara addresses readers who are undocumented immigrants. She compares the immigration policies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump and worries about anti-Muslim prejudices. She empathizes with the fears of these Americans still living in the shadows, reminds them of their rights, and assures them that millions of people support their dreams. Sara imagines herself if had she stayed in Iran. She writes a letter to that Sara, expressing the belief that they would have much in common despite all their differences.

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Seventeen-year-old Kira Fujikawa has never had it easy. She's bullied by the popular girls in school. Her parents ignore her. And she's also plagued with a secret: she can see yokai, the ghosts and demons that haunt the streets of Kyoto. But things accelerate from bad to worse when she learns that Shuten-doji, the demon king, will rise at the next blood moon to hunt down an ancient relic and bring the world to a catastrophic end. Not exactly skilled at fighting anything, much less the dead, Kira enlists the aid of seven powerful death gods to help her slay Shuten-doji. They include Shiro, a kitsune with boy-band looks who is more flirtatious than helpful, and O-bei, a regal demon courtier with reasons of her own for getting involved. As the confrontation with Shuten-doji draws nearer, the fate of Japan hangs in the balance. Can Kira save humankind? Or will the demon king succeed in bringing eternal darkness upon the world?

After eighteen-year-old Gu Miyoung, a nine-tailed fox surviving in modern-day Seoul by eating the souls of evil men, kills a murderous goblin to save Jihoon, she is forced to choose between her immortal life and his.

Danny Cheng, a Chinese-American teen, grapples with a dangerous revelation about his parents' past, his plans for the future, and his feelings for his best friend Harry, and his discovery of a family secret that could shatter everything.

Told from two viewpoints, teens Lucky, a very famous K-pop st

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