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Vero Visi 20 Crack

Vero Visi 20: A Mould and Die Focused CAD/CAM/CAE Solution

Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, have announced the release of their Mould and Die focused product VISI 20 . After a successful series of Customer Update seminars running throughout October, VISI 20 is now available for general distribution . Version 20 is a substantial release introducing many new features in all areas of the product with continued emphasis on solutions for mould, tool and die makers .

Major Graphic Enhancements

Version 20 introduces major graphic enhancements such as improved rendering, a programmable dynamic command widget and the ability to fast-view a file before opening to include pan and zoom functionality . In addition, CAD translators have been updated to support Solid Works and Solid Edge assemblies, support for PTC Creo and JTopen B-rep entities .


Significant CAD Enhancements

One of the significant CAD enhancements in VISI 20 is the ability to assign constraints to geometrical bodies (Concentric, Parallel, Coincident, Distance, etc) providing the tools to simulate the real movement of tooling, such as the ability to check for collisions with slides, cams, lifters, etc . Another improvement is a re-designed feature manager and 3D boring chart that creates and edits complex holes and pockets as well as recognising features directly from the 3D model or 2D drawing for automated annotation .

User Efficiency Improvements

User efficiency continues to be a focus for product development, with the process workflow having been improved in a number of areas. This includes the ability to extract wireframe edges and also concatenate and simplify the extracted elements, remove knot points and split the geometry into correctly formatted curves based on angular deviation . Automating the process in this way significantly speeds up high quality surface creation when working with third-party data .

VISI Progress Developments

VISI Progress, a dedicated solution for progressive die design, has also seen major developments in version 20. These include a new tool building engine, improved unfolding and new middle skin functionality for flanging and blanking operations . Other enhancements include a completely rewritten explode tool for 3D assemblies (with the ability to record the explode movements), improved standard component catalogues and continued collaboration with CADENAS .

VISI Flow Developments

VISI Flow, a plastic flow analysis solution, is now 64bit compatible, and therefore capable of benefiting from additional hardware performance . Other developments include new tools for the thermal analysis of conformal cooling. This process provides the ability to analyse 3D cooling circuits produced using rapid prototyping techniques and impossible to manufacture using traditional drilling / boring cycles . In addition, improvements to sequential moulding, gas assisted and over-moulding ensure mould makers benefit from the latest cutting edge technologies .

VISI 20 CAM Developments

VISI 20 represents another release with major CAM development. One innovation is the ability to distribute the toolpath computation onto different machines connected to the same private network . This technology uses 'Distributed computing', where the computers interact with each other to achieve a common goal . This allows users to reduce calculation times by using idle resources on their network .

VISI 20 is a comprehensive solution for mould and die makers that offers many new features and improvements in all areas of the product. It is designed to meet the needs of the tooling industry by providing advanced CAD/CAM/CAE capabilities in an integrated environment. For more information about VISI 20, please visit [Vero Software](^[1]^) or [Hexagon](^[2]^).

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