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NeoDocto Inc. Provides computers to transform the lives of young people in Rural India

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on August 24, 2019.

Manhattan, New York – 2 May 2019 – In today’s world, technology plays a very important role in the development of a nation internationally. Technology is used as a tool for the general improvement of the nation. It plays a vital role in all aspects of government, business, and the lives of individuals. In India, one of the challenges faced today by dwellers in rural areas is access to information and communication technologies.

NeoDocto foundation under the visionary leadership of Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa the Global president & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. has embarked on a series of rural economic development campaigns including the distribution of computer systems to youths in the rural area; a move to support the campaign for digitalization of India through the Digital India Program. The goal of NeoDocto is to facilitate computer education and encourage the growth of computer usage among the youths of rural India. Statistically, just 18% of youths in rural areas can use a computer, however, with low proficiency. The target of the distribution campaign is majorly the youths in rural areas.

Exposure of the rural population to the tool of information and communication technologies would greatly transform the outlook and demography of the nation of India. Imagine the transformation that would follow the availability of information and access to such information should the rural population learn to use internet search engines. For sure there would be massive advancement and development in the way and manner things are done in the rural area. The NeoDocto foundation strives to bring technology and access to information and all the benefits that come with it to the individual living in rural India.

This is just one of the many projects under the helm of NeoDocto Inc. NeoDocto foundation is committed to doing more to further the development and growth of the people of India. Neodocto will make sure everyone has access to a computer, especially in rural communities. Children will now learn with computers, business owners will be able to carry out transactions on computers, local hospitals will have patients’ information on computer,s, and so on. We know that if everybody is happy, everybody will be able to have access to good quality health care. Neodocto is making every place worth living in.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto continues to be one of the fastest growing IT services brands in Asia, Europe, and North America. NeoDocto has a presence across the globe with 81 offices spread over the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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