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Chandigarh Mayor teams up with NeoDocto Foundation Global President and CEO to eliminate malaria.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

By Global Media, in Collaborations on May 12, 2018.

NeoDocto Foundation, USA extended support to the mayor of Chandigarh, Punjab, India to eliminate malaria through collaboration. NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme aims to eradicate malaria disease in malaria-endemic areas. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of malaria patients are one of the most effective interventions to control malaria.

Manhattan, New York – 26th March 2018 – NeoDocto Foundation, USA supports Mr. Davesh Moudgil, Mayor of Chandigarh, Punjab, India to control malaria and meet the growing healthcare needs of the increasing population. The Chandigarh Mayor said that the collaboration with Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc, aims to eradicate malaria disease in malaria-endemic areas of Chandigarh.

Malaria is a life-threatening parasitic disease caused by the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito. As per the World Health Malaria Report 2017 of the World Health Organization (WHO), malaria is a febrile disease, and in most malaria-endemic countries the disease is often suspected in children (or older patients) with fevers who seek treatment at health facilities. The WHO recommendation is that such patients are first tested for malaria and if positive, treated appropriately by a trained health worker. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of malaria patients are one of the most effective interventions to control malaria.

Hospital Services at the Secondary level play a vital and complementary role to primary health care in Punjab. The Government sector is engaged both in preventive and curative aspects of health care through Punjab Health Systems Corporation (PHSC). The Department of Health and Family Welfare is making efforts to control and prevent malaria disease under ‘The National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), Government of India.

Madhukar Sanneerappa, the Global President and CEO said that “it is our hope to build a global health community to meet the growing needs of healthcare services and eliminate malaria in the world”. The objective of the NeoDocto Foundation is to save more lives through better healthcare services and malaria initiatives.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto is a global healthcare company that provides healthcare services on a mobile app. NeoDocto is headquartered in New York, USA, and operates in 81 countries across the globe. It enhances the quality of healthcare, prioritizes health education and makes healthcare affordable, and accessible, anytime, anywhere. NeoDocto Foundation has been formed to address the social needs of the global population and NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme is one of the biggest initiatives of NeoDocto.

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