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The Government of Goa, India collaborated with NeoDocto Foundation, USA to stop malaria disease.

By Global Media, in Collaborations on May 11, 2018.

The collaboration between NeoDocto Foundation, USA, and the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of Goa, India addresses the need to educate and create awareness in malaria-affected areas of the cities in Goa. Madhukar Sanneerappa, the Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc. extended support to Francis D’souza, Urban Development Minister, Government of Goa to stop malaria through the ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Program.

Manhattan, New York – March 9, 2018 – ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme’ continues to spread awareness of malaria disease and its impact on human beings. Francis D’souza, Urban Development Minister, Government of Goa collaborated with NeoDocto Foundation and welcomed the NeoDocto malaria initiative. Madhukar Sanneerappa, the Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc. said that it is crucial to address the global disease as public health is an integral part of Urban Development.

Malaria disease has caused unimaginable damage to humanity and killed millions of lives. World Health Organization estimates that India accounts for 75% of all malaria cases in South-East Asia. Malaria is one of the major global diseases that need to take steps to eradicate the disease. NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme educates and creates awareness of the preventive methods to stop malaria.

The Department of Urban Development, Government of Goa is the Administrative Department that exercises administrative control over the 13 Municipal Councils and one Corporation of the City of Panaji in the State of Goa. It administers and implements State and Central Government Schemes which include Schemes of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and Poverty Alleviation. Most of the malaria-affected people live in poor economic conditions and poverty in urban areas. The Urban Minister, Francis D’souza said that it is important to educate the people on the prevention of malaria disease who live in malaria-affected areas in cities.

NeoDocto Foundation was founded by Madhukar Sanneerappa to improve ‘Social Healthcare and Community Health. Being an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and technology expert, Madhukar has designed a revolutionary NeoDocto mobile healthcare app to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare sector. NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme is one of the major objectives of the foundation to create awareness and urge to take preventative measures to stop malaria.

The collaboration with governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, and support from celebrities and individuals has received a tremendous response. The fight against malaria disease will continue to educate and spread awareness to save more lives, said Madhukar.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto is a digital healthcare platform that evolved to serve the global population with a wide range of healthcare services with a finger tap away through the mobile app. It aims to educate and create awareness of healthcare through digital healthcare services. NeoDocto strives to provide the next generation of healthcare services and build a complete digital healthcare platform. It is headquartered in New York, USA, and operates in 81 countries all over the world. The primary objective of NeoDocto is to make healthcare services affordable, and accessible, anytime, anywhere.

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