Instagram Stories Unleashed

How to Create a Killer Fitness, Lifestyle, or Travel Brand With Instagram and Instagram Stories

Did you know that, in terms of users, Instagram is the second-largest social network? Did you know that among all platforms, it also has some of the best engagement?

You might find it surprising given how few people are aware of Instagram's true scope. But it becomes immediately clear when you take a look at some of the huge celebrities who credit Instagram for launching their whole careers. These are folks who, by uploading pictures of themselves working out, dressing nicely, or traveling the world, became incredibly popular and secured extremely lucrative sponsorship deals.

They are photographing what they love to do while earning astronomical sums of money in return.

That ought to demonstrate Instagram's power and, ideally, pique your interest in its potential. You may use the platform to market an existing business in addition to becoming one of those affluent people. A lot of large businesses are adopting Instagram to create a huge statement, and as a result, their earnings are rising dramatically.

You'll discover how to utilize Instagram to build a highly profitable fitness brand in this tutorial, and we'll show you how to apply the same ideas to build a highly profitable brand in just about any other niche or to market an existing business interest of yours.

We'll also look at how you can use Instagram's newest features, Instagram stories and Instagram live video, to have a greater impact than before.

Prepare yourself because we're about to completely alter the way you think about what internet marketing is.

How To Win An Instagram: Sell The Dream

We need to concentrate on some theory before we begin with the suggestions for action. We must examine what makes an effective Instagram account function as well as how this same idea can be utilized by any sort of corporation.

And there is just one fundamental idea that guides virtually every prosperous Instagram account: selling the fantasy.

What does that mean exactly then? In essence, it indicates that you'll discover your value proposition. You will identify the "thing that your business does for people" and the ways in which you are improving lives, and you will then place a strong emotional and persuasive emphasis on that.

Fundamentally, a value proposition is "what your firm gives beyond the actual sum of your products' elements."

So you could, say, sell clothing. The fabric, the design work, and the sewing are the tangible components of what you are selling if you sell clothing. This establishes your price.

But the value doesn't rest there. The value is in what you say your product can do for others, namely how it can improve lives. One way that clothing improves life is by keeping people warm. As a result, the proverb "You don't sell hats, you sell warm heads" is true.

But maybe more importantly, how we dress greatly affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. The genuine value proposition is found here. This is what makes it possible for you to benefit others. In other words, the way you dress can affect how confident and attractive you feel, how much money you make, how well you get along with people of the opposite sex, and even if you get a raise at work. You want them to feel fantastic and to use their newfound self-assurance and improved attractiveness to achieve any goals they may have for themselves in life.

That is the "dream" you must market on Instagram.

So let's return to the example we've been using: the fitness brand. What exactly is the 'dream' here?

Simple: if you run a fitness brand, your dream is to be fit, gorgeous, physically frightening, and to attract more successful partners.

People who are in excellent physical shape will look and feel fantastic. They will have a ton of energy when they first wake up in the morning. They will dress and look fantastic while doing so. They will attract admiration from the other sex. Because they appear more appealing, they will perform better in their careers. All of these factors will enable them to achieve their goals in life and feel wonderful while doing so.

And once you figure out how to market that on Instagram, you can amass a sizable fan base and sell just about anything.

How To Sell The Dream On Instagram

Consequently, how can you market that dream on Instagram? And why does Instagram do this more effectively than almost any other platform?

It's partly visual in nature. You've heard the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words." The emotional impact you would receive by modeling a healthy and fit lifestyle for your audience will far outweigh any advice you provide them about becoming fitter and healthier!

Instagram will also readily lend itself because it is all about making the ordinary and daily look appealing and artistic.

The Instagram "filters" you receive are all about that. By adding a filter, you can make a photo appear a little more "hyper-real" and thus have more emotional impact. You are taking what you do and enhancing its idealized appearance. That is how you sell the dream, elicit an emotional response, and garner a following.

Therefore, if you have a fitness brand, you should illustrate the lifestyle that you are trying to sell. This entails posting pictures of people running topless along beaches with stunning sunsets in the background. These people are laughing while sprinting next to a gorgeous man or woman and have amazing abs and tan skin.

The same channel might feature a man with amazing willpower who is wearing a suit but bursts out of it thanks to his huge biceps.

It might feature a woman doing yoga and sipping a smoothie while watching the sunrise. It might display a picture of someone looking amazing while working out hard at the gym.

You are portraying their ideal future to someone who wants to feel better about themselves, to someone who wants to be fitter and healthier. Your goal is to inspire them and give them the tools they need to imagine the ideal future, not to make them feel bad about themselves.

They will be motivated to make every effort to get there, and ideally they will take your counsel. They will be inspired to purchase the product when your counsel changes to "buy this thing." by those strong feelings. You've made your product and brand highly appealing by matching their objectives and aspirations with them.

How To Tell A Thousand Words

Identifying your brand and mission statement is a smart place to start. Make sure you are clear on who you are, what your brand stands for, and what you aim to accomplish with your product. Be more than just a money-focused individual; consider what you can do to help others. Have a goal and a purpose in mind so that when people click the "follow" button, they almost feel as though they are joining a movement.

Make a brand that inspires enthusiasm among consumers.

After completing that, you can decide what kinds of images and videos you should begin posting. This will enable you to guarantee that you always stay on-brand and on-message. Here, consistency is crucial since if you publish frequently on diverse topics, your followers will get annoyed and stop following you.

Someone who follows a fitness brand on Instagram is likely interested in fitness and wants to see more of that kind of material. They don't do it to look at pictures of your dog, though.

Then, stay on topic and publish at least once per day. One thing you can do to assist with this is to snap a lot of images over a few days and then store them in a folder to serve as a backup on days when you don't have many usable photos. Spend a day taking excellent images, and then use those to compile a collection.

Make sure that the type of photos you shoot appear as professional and composed as you can. Professional photography will give you credibility as a professional business rather to just a hobbyist taking pictures in their leisure time. It will also help you establish authority and trust in your area.

To maximize the emotional impact of your photos, you must understand how to frame and compose them.


Investing in a high-quality camera is the first step towards improving the quality of your photography. A great camera will have a decent sensor, a good lens, and many settings that let you adjust things like the shutter speed. Typically, this refers to a bridge camera or a DSLR camera.

Instead of just using your phone, using this and then uploading your images via a USB can produce much greater production qualities, especially if you also invest in some quality lighting. Investing in a lightbox can be quite beneficial because you won't always have to wait for sunny weather outside to shoot shots.

However, it's a good idea to have a nice camera phone as many of the pictures you take will likely be spontaneous and things you capture while you're out and about, especially if you have a personal brand and live the lifestyle you promote. Bring your camera to the gym and take a few photos here and there so that others can feel like they are participating in your workouts!

Some Tips for Taking Great Photos

The wetware, or the person operating the camera, may be more significant than the hardware. You must understand how to convey a tale and transform it into something inspirational.

What does it actually mean to tell a tale imply? It implies that your photograph must convey more than what is visible in the frame.

Consider the photograph of a person performing sit-ups on the beach in the dusk. What does that reveal about the individual and their way of life?

Yes, it claims that they look good and have great abs. But it also implies that they reside in a stunning location and have the spare time necessary to truly appreciate its natural beauty. It also indicates that they have an abundance of energy—enough energy to be exercising right now. And it indicates their commitment.

All of these things are desired, especially if they are attractive, tanned, and dressed stylishly.

The similar thing is expressed by running on the beach when dusk is falling. However, images of footsteps on the sand or, perhaps, running shoes with headphones on and a silhouetted figure practicing yoga in the background also have this effect.

The more of a narrative you can convey in your image, the more effective it will be. In this way, your image becomes more than the sum of its components, and that in turn makes it more engaging because viewers will naturally want to learn more about the narrative and attempt to piece it together.

Additionally, it's crucial that you plan your image so that nothing can detract from the impression you want to convey.

For instance, you should take care to avoid cloudy, rainy sky that may tarnish your view of someone who is healthy, joyful, and enjoys going for runs in the sun. Make sure the individual in that picture is properly coiffed. Additionally, you must make sure they are free of stains.

When I was working for a software company, I realized how crucial these little nuances are. The professionalism of the film would be entirely destroyed if the phone seemed dusty in the photo when I was being trained to gather "b-roll" of the technology we were examining. In the same way, it was crucial that the park seat had no unsightly stains on it if the phone had been left on one. The brand was going for a "desirable tech" vibe, so a large bird poop would definitely ruin that!

Of course, you also need to provide natural movement and engagement to the image. That depends on both the caliber of the camera and your personal ability to compose the shot. Consider the foreground, center ground, and background of your scene. Your shot will have depth and appear more three-dimensional if there is something interesting in each layer. Look for features, such as rivers or trails, that can direct the viewer's attention from the foreground to the background.

Scale is another issue to think about. Can something's proximity to other things make it appear larger or smaller? Can you use that similar method to make something more exciting?

Always keep in mind the location of the light source in respect to the subject. The ideal situation is for most items to be lighted in portrait from the side. This is referred to as "Rembrandt lighting" and will produce more dynamic and fascinating shadows.

Remember that you can manipulate your images to make them appear more appealing and beautiful by using effects and filters. Simply increase the brightness a touch, or if you want a grungy gym image, decrease it.

Using Instagram Stories And Live Video

Instagram Stories, the most recent feature to be added to the platform, now includes Live Video. You can produce photographs with Stories that will only be available for a brief period of time (24 hours) before disappearing. They have particularly high engagement because they are featured at the top of a follower's homefeed. Live video, on the other hand, is aired live, providing you the chance to reply to comments made on your films in real time and to genuinely interact with your audience. With the help of both of these tools, you may communicate with your followers more directly and let them get to know you a little better.

Particularly for personal brands, this works wonderfully. These are the kinds of brands that are based on your unique personality and help you develop a closer connection with your target market. However, even for start-ups and tiny organizations, letting people inside your working day can have a significant impact. The same goes for being able to critique a product in real time and answer queries right away. This leaves such a lasting impact on visitors and is a great approach to establish authority and confidence.

Both of these tools provide you a little more latitude and freedom when it comes to the type of content you can produce. You should consider how this would appear to users who are just discovering your account whenever you submit any image to Instagram that will appear on your "grid." You need to make sure that every single image is consistent with your brand and mission statement because it could be someone's first impression of you.

On the other hand, you can publish images specifically for your current admirers using the tales feature, which you can use to invite them on vacations or even just as a joke. It won't affect individuals who are just checking you out, but it will help you develop a stronger bond with your current followers and give them the impression that they have exclusive access to your business, your story, and your way of life.

While certain information is better suited for your main feed, some content works well for live video and stories. Then there are "boomerangs," which function like tiny, looping GiFs and, when handled properly, have a high infectious potential.

All of these characteristics can assist you in selling the idea that you are someone who can inspire others to achieve the same level of fitness and beauty.

Regardless of what other niche your company is in or if you are a huge corporation, a blogger, or a YouTuber, the same concepts will still apply.

Be sure to read the entire ebook on "Instagram Stories" to discover all the tricks of effective Instagram marketing, how to drive thousands of new viewers to your channel, and how to employ cutting-edge ways to sell things.

There, we'll go over everything we've discussed here in great depth and spend additional time talking about the value and power of Instagram Stories. Additionally, you'll learn how to use your brand to get a high-paying sponsor or to sell a lot of merchandise.

In order to generate enormous sales and create a giant business with thousands of devoted followers, you will learn how to fully utilize all of Instagram's most recent features. Check out the book now to get started!

If not, it's time to start working on expanding your own channel. What is your tale? How are you going to differentiate your channel from the competition? And what exactly are you trying to sell with your pictures and movies, this "dream"?

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