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Panaji city, Goa collaborated with NeoDocto to implement ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme'

By Global Media, in Collaborations on May 11, 2018.

Surendra Furtado, the Mayor, ‘Corporation of The City of Panaji’, Goa, India collaborated with NeoDocto Foundation, USA to implement the ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme’ in Panaji, Goa. Madhukar Sanneerappa, the Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc. informed that the mayor appreciated NeoDocto's malaria initiative and looking forward to executing the program in Panaji to eradicate malaria disease.

Manhattan, New York – March 3, 2018 – The Mayor of Panaji city, Goa, Surendra Furtado collaborated with Madhukar Sanneerappa, the Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc. to implement the ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme’ in the city. Both NeoDocto Foundation and the ‘Corporation of The City of Panaji’ will make a collective effort to educate and create awareness of malaria disease in Goa, India.

Malaria is one of the major threats to public health and economic development. Globally, it is estimated that 216 million people were infected by malaria disease in 2016 as per World Health Organization. In India, malaria is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, especially in children under 5 and pregnant women. It is increasing the number of out-patients, inpatients, and admissions of children less than five years of age in healthcare centers.

The ‘Corporation of The City of Panaji is the oldest civic institution in Asia and the world’s smallest municipal corporation. It received the status of a Portuguese city in 1843. Panaji, the capital of Goa is a heritage city with a unique socio-cultural environment with green spaces and heritage structures. Surendra Furtado is a well-known personality and a Mayor of Panaji city. He has been working towards the betterment of the city. The ‘Strategic Collaboration’ of NeoDocto Foundation and The Corporation of The City of Panaji will strive to eradicate malaria disease by addressing the need to take preventative measures.

An entrepreneur, innovator, philanthropist, and technology expert, Madhukar Sanneerappa has been making efforts to simplify healthcare technology and its availability to every individual at any time and anywhere. Being a Founder, Global President, and CEO of NeoDocto Inc., he has designed NeoDocto with a social responsibility for the betterment and affordability of healthcare services through the NeoDocto Foundation. Madhukar said that the malaria eradication program has been initiated to address health education and create awareness of the impact of malaria disease on human beings by bringing public, private, and philanthropic sector partners together to stop malaria.

NeoDocto Foundation’s mission is to support and reduce the impact of the malaria disease in malaria-affected nations. The Mayor, Surendra Furtado is looking forward to implementing the ‘NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Programme’ in the city of Panaji, Goa.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto is a digital healthcare platform that evolved to serve the global population with a wide range of healthcare services with a finger tap away through the mobile app. It aims to educate and create awareness of healthcare through digital healthcare services. NeoDocto strives to provide the next generation of healthcare services and build a complete digital healthcare platform. It is headquartered in New York, USA, and operates in 81 countries all over the world. The primary objective of NeoDocto is to make healthcare services affordable, and accessible, anytime, anywhere.

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