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NeoDocto provides a collection of health articles and announces its expansion in Helsinki, Finland

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on August 1, 2019.

Manhattan, New York – May 1, 2019 – NeoDocto was established with 7 main objectives. The objectives include excellence in quality healthcare services, growth opportunities for business partners, affordable healthcare for everyone, customer satisfaction, saving the time of doctors and patients, improved communication between doctors and patients, and safety for patients. With these seven objectives, NeoDocto creates different services.

NeoDocto has a projected growth of 2, 00, 000 articles. Now, already they have more than 50,000 health-related articles on the platform called ‘NeoDocto Articles’. This platform was created by NeoDocto with the motto of offering a single source of a wide range of health information to their customers.

The huge collection of articles will help customers find the answers to their health-related queries. This platform was created by NeoDocto as they strongly believe that health information will play a major role in increasing awareness of health and safety among customers.

The good news for people in Helsinki is that NeoDocto expands its office in this city in Finland. In Finland NeoDocto is operating from Luna House, Mannerheimintie 12 B, 5.krs, FIN-00100 Helsinki. Health education is important to keep safe from any health issues. it will help patients to identify when to seek medical advice so that delays in medical care will be avoided.

For the Finland office, NeoDocto looks for the right candidates to fill up Project Manager and Systems Engineer positions.

For the project manager position, candidates with a solid set of skills including multi-tasking and attention to detail are eligible to apply. They should have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and also candidates with PMP/PRINCE II certification will get added advantage in the selection process. The pay for this position will range from EUR 70000 to EUR 75000.

For the Systems Engineering position, candidates with solid networking skills with knowledge of TCP/IP and OSI Network layers should apply. Selected candidates will be paid around EUR 65000 to EUR 70000 for this position.

About NeoDocto:

The corporate social responsibility of NeoDocto is to minimize the impact of Malaria. NeoDocto is also aimed at going green initiative and health education to all. The company uses multiple channels for educating and creating awareness of health. With the goal of educating people on health issues across the globe, NeoDocto is expanding to different countries.

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