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NeoDocto adds new resources to help channel Partners to offer E-Learning solutions in India

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By admin, in Events on August 1, 2019

The Global President & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. – Mr. Madhukar SanneerappaWith the objective to create a channel to access the technology-oriented program NeoDocto reseller program offers the perfect opportunity to increase the service portfolio and add a new stream of revenue to the channel partners.

Manhattan, New York – April 29, 2019 – At NeoDocto we recognize partners are very important, and we are broadening our partner reach and introducing new enhancements in our channel partner for E-Learning solutions. NeoDocto has been investing a lot of resources in the education sector. Currently, there are over 80 full-fledged e-learning solutions that offer quality higher education backed by the state-of-the-art technology – the Learning Management System. NeoDocto has its global headquarters in the USA to develop and deliver online education. All these courses use modern technology to provide an interactive and efficient learning environment.

The Global president & CEO – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa stated “NeoDocto plans to substantially expand its partner ecosystem that includes reseller, E-Learning services partners. India is fast moving towards a knowledge economy that requires a higher level of education, computer literacy, and analytically skilled human resources. Ironically, there is a pronounced dearth of skilled manpower and NeoDocto is striving hard to fill the gap by producing additional knowledge professionals.”

NeoDocto is expanding its reach to market with trusted partners is a key element of our business. NeoDocto is investing a lot in channel partners who understand the scope of NeoDocto’s E-Learning solutions.

E-learning is considered very effective for the development of such skills and NeoDocto is aiming to meet the shortfall of knowledge workers through wider applications of e-learning tools. Higher demand for outsourcing is another factor that drives the e-learning market growth. In order to achieve core competencies, many companies globally are now concentrating on e-learning-enabled training centers to recruit their staff. E-learning is considered a key strategy for future human capital development globally.

By broadening our channel partner reach this year to provide E-Learning solutions across more organizations and more regions. We are increasing the value they get from NeoDocto’s E-Learning solutions. By the end of the year, NeoDocto is planning to see 1000 channel partners resell our courses through the NeoDocto E-Learning solution provider program.

E-learning enables more people to access education in a convenient manner. This is likely to increase human skills through the accumulation of knowledge. Second, e-learning can promote technology transfer from technologically advanced countries to India through knowledge transfer. Finally, the relatively cheaper cost of e-learning is likely to reduce costs in the economy. The availability of adequate infrastructure and Data centers, helps NeoDocto to become the e-learning hub globally.

NeoDocto has the most advanced software architectures among the E-learning solution providers. The advancement of the IT sector makes education accessible and affordable to millions of students. NeoDocto courses are highly recognized and valued and it has increased the visibility in the market and created new areas of revenue. Building a partnership with NeoDocto will allow offering an an increasingly broader range of services to our channel partners.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto Inc. is incorporated in the USA and provides Education, Healthcare, Global Media, and IT services. NeoDocto continues to be one of the fastest growing IT services brands in Asia, Europe, and North America. NeoDocto has a presence across the globe with 81 offices spread over the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It currently employs people from 53 different nations.

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