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NeoDocto foundation collaborates with Pradesh, India to improve Neonatal health in the state

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on March 4, 2020.

Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa – The Global president & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. announces prioritizing the health care needs of Infants in rural communities. With the motto of bringing good health care and awareness to everyone even at the grass root level. NeoDocto foundation grants all the necessary to the state of Madhya Pradesh, India to improve Neonatal health.

Manhattan, New York – May 03, 2019 – The Global president & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, announces to help and grant all the necessary support to the state government of Madhya Pradesh, India in combatting Neonatal health and help create and spread awareness on Neonatal Disorders.

In India, about 0.75 million neonates die every year as a result of neonatal disorders and it is the highest for any country in the world. And the state of Madhya Pradesh is not an exception, with 1212 cases reported.

Neodocto foundation aims to help in the significant reduction of other neonatal disorders in Madhya Pradesh to a minimal level because the occurrence of these disorders in the state is on the rise. These disorders are serious infections that require urgent attention else, the lives of many infants will be lost

Neodocto Foundation is fully aware of the impact of these disorders on the neonates and their respective families, it can be distressing, which is the more reason why we will be initiating concentrated actions to prevent, control, and manage the disorders by providing the necessary support required for the state Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

The World Health Organisation published on 16 February 2018 that undernutrition is estimated to be associated with 2.7 million child deaths annually, or 45% of all child deaths. Infant feeding is a key area to improve child survival and promote healthy growth and development. The first 2 years of a child’s life are particularly important, as optimal nutrition during this period lowers morbidity and mortality, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and fosters better development overall.

The Indian health survey report of 2016 also estimated that child and maternal malnutrition causes 14.6% of the country’s total DALY (Disability-adjusted life years). Child and maternal malnutrition contribute to the disease burden mainly by increasing the risk of neonatal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, diarrhoeal diseases, lower respiratory infections, and other common infections.

NeoDocto Foundation as part of its collaboration with every State in India to bring awareness to various illnesses and treatments uses its own fund and resources to improve the health of infants in rural communities. This intervention by the NeoDocto foundation will go a long way in reducing the level of malnutrition among infants in rural communities. This will help many mothers and caregivers attend timely to the nutritional needs of their babies and improve Neonatal health.

About NeoDocto foundation:

NeoDocto has a foundation that supports society by offering a helping hand for creating equal opportunities and building a healthy world. The foundation strongly believes that their true wealth is the good things they do for society.

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