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NeoDocto Foundation to strengthen HIV / AIDS Prevention effort in the State of Manipur, India

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on March 4, 2020.

NeoDocto foundation reaches out to help the state of Manipur in the fight against HIV/AIDS and collaborates with the state government of Manipur, India

Manhattan, New York – 2 May 2019 – NeoDocto foundation reaches out to help the state government of Manipur, India to prevent HIV/ AIDS by providing adequate health care and collaborating with the state government of Manipur, India.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 70 million people have been affected by HIV/AIDS and 35 million people have died since the beginning of the epidemic. The team of NeoDocto foundation has taken steps to reach out to the state of Manipur in combating health challenges in the state.

The Health statistical report of the State of India, shows clearly that one of the major health crises rocking the people of Manipur is the dreaded disease of HIV/AIDS, which has affected infants, children, and adults, and has led to a rapid means of eliminating lives. These statistic have it that about 1010 (of the DALY’s data) are been victims of this disease, which is alarming. (A figure significantly beyond National Means).

The Global President & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa says “The Collaboration with the state government of India by NeoDocto foundation shows significant commitment to the fight against the cause and for effective implementation of the health campaign by NeoDocto foundation”.

The people of Manipur were encouraged to take safety measures and get tested for the HIV virus. Citizens were also encouraged to be mindful of protecting themselves from being infected with this dreaded disease, hence, unprotected sex, and the use of sharp instruments used by others; unscreened blood transfusion should be avoided.

During the campaign, one of the people diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS says “When he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Since then he was withdrawn from social interactions. All day long, he stayed indoors. His physical appearance was suffering already. He looked unkempt, emaciated, and depressed. From time to time, he entertained suicidal thoughts. But one day, an old friend visited and told him about NeoDocto.”

On his friend’s recommendation, he visited and downloaded the mobile app. With the NeoDocto app now, He could schedule an appointment with a doctor at his convenient time. Over time he was better looking and apparently doing fine as a testimony to his medical counseling and medications. With NeoDocto, you will be educated on how to manage a condition, what to do if there’s an emergency case and how to educate others.

About NeoDcoto:

NeoDocto is a digital healthcare platform that evolved to serve the global population with a wide range of healthcare services with a finger tap away. Emergency calling service is a priority care that provides immediate support to our customers during emergencies.

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