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NeoDocto Inc. establishes an office in London and launches a new course on "Instagram Marketing"

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media in events on July 30, 2019.

NeoDocto believes that adding value to their customers and partners are an essential key to success. To add value to customers and partners in the United Kingdom, NeoDocto extends an office here.

Neodocto launches a new course on “Instagram marketing” to educate on how to market with Instagram as part of its training program. The course is aimed at educating on how to use the social media platform as a marketing tool. Social media is an effective means for generating new business ideas, promoting businesses, marketing products, and services, and keeping in touch with customers, sponsors, etc.

Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa is the global president and CEO of NeoDocto Inc and he stated “Instagram is a powerful photo sharing app. When it comes to leveraging this social platform for business, it’s all about visualizing your brand. While you can certainly post photos to any and all of your other social platforms, Instagram differentiates itself with filters that empower absolutely anyone to turn their photos into engaging and brand-building works of art. Instagram certainly can’t be ignored”. He also quoted “NeoDocto provides the highest quality courses at the lowest possible price so that our resellers such as training centers, colleges and universities can generate high volume sales with good margins for themselves while providing an excellent value proposition to their students.”

NeoDocto has a strong understanding and experience that taught them the key to the success of their operations is to add value to their customers and also business partners. They have their customers and business partners in different parts of the world. So, to serve them better, NeoDocto is engaged in the expansion of its operations to different parts of the world. One such expansion has taken place in the United Kingdom, which aims to contribute to the business development of partners in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, they have their office in London in Duncannon Street. Their office is located at the Golden Cross House. The advertising manager of this branch of NeoDocto says “At NeoDocto, the key to success is to add value to our customers and business partners”.

For the Greater London area of the United Kingdom, NeoDocto expects the right talents to fill up job vacancies available for Embedded Software Engineer, Network Administrator, Business Analyst, and System Analyst positions.

Candidates hired for the Embedded Software Engineer position will be responsible for designing and also implementing software for embedded devices and systems. Further, they will be engaged in debugging system software, testing, coding, developing, and even designing software. Even, they will be responsible for analyzing the efficiency, scalability, and stability of the system resources.

Candidates hired for the Network Administrator position will be responsible for fully supporting, upgrading, maintaining, and even configuring corporate customer’s networks and even in-house servers at NeoDocto. They will be responsible for integrating and installation of new server hardware and applications. They should have an eye for bringing the required updates on time.

Similarly, NeoDocto has clearly stated the responsibilities of the other two positions in their job portal. NeoDocto takes every step to make sure that the customers and partners get the value they deserve. Also, NeoDocto aims at bringing together customers and business partners like doctors to make sure that the customers can get the right healthcare attention when the need actually arises.

NeoDocto does it by providing different mobile and web applications that are highly focused on improving educational services and healthcare awareness among customers.

About NeoDocto:

The top priority of NeoDocto is to provide health education and also to create awareness of digital marketing courses. They do the same through campaigns, events, press releases, NeoDocto radio, television, and through the web.

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