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NeoDocto inc introduces the “LinkedIn Marketing” course and opens up career opportunities in Germany

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on August 3, 2019.

NeoDocto Inc trains its staff to make sure that its customers get the right service. NeoDocto follows this approach and offers nearly 80 different courses to their staff and customers and each stage of their promotion. NeoDocto’s Tagline is Healthcare and education Anytime and Anywhere. The company aims at ensuring that the health and information of various courses are made available to the customers at any time they need such help. This is why NeoDocto offers different types of sources from which the customers can gain health and digital marketing course information.

During the launch, The Global President and CEO, Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa shared his experience of how ‘LinkedIn marketing’ is helping Neodocto to show its commitment to enhancing the life and health of the people of the world. NeoDocto is known for continuously looking for ways to deliver good and quality health care services and educational products. The company does this by consistently innovating on ways to better provide healthcare services, products, and developmental agendas.

Mr. Madhukar also quoted “LinkedIn isn’t just for helping you recruit top talent or finding your dream job, but is a powerful means of organic B2B marketing. Just as with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a global site—which is an effective means of growing our business well beyond our local service area. While B2B marketing is the most effective, don’t discount LinkedIn for B2C”.

Irrespective of whether they are courses, articles, videos, television, or radio content, the company aims at quality content. So, NeoDocto makes sure that the information they provide through these sources is dependable. So, through the NeoDocto radio, they conduct personal interviews with many doctors to carry forward the right health information. With this cause behind its establishment, NeoDocto expands its service to people in different parts of the world. Now, the company has established an office in Berlin in Germany.

Germany is one of the world destinations to which NeoDocto has extended its operations. For the Berlin branch of Germany, NeoDocto is looking for the right talents for four positions. The positions are Computer Security Specialist, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, and Technical Architect.

All four positions are technical posts. So, the applicants are expected to have not just the right education, but also experience and working knowledge of the right technology. NeoDocto has stated in the job postings for these positions about the pay that the organization is ready to pay.

Further, from the posting candidates can know the job responsibilities. So, if they feel that they are suitable for a specific position, they can apply online through the website of NeoDocto. If they are shortlisted, they will be called for a job interview and further selection processes. NeoDocto wants to have the best talents to serve its customers.

One of the staff working for NeoDocto in Berlin states “At NeoDocto, the quality of services is the top-most priority. As a result, we have carefully documented over 80 NeoDocto courses to maintain the consistency of service”. Also, every staff working for the organization undergoes many training courses at the varied stages of their career with NeoDocto.

About NeoDocto:

With the utmost priority toward health education and digital marketing courses, NeoDocto uses multiple channels to educate and create awareness of health among people. The internet television from NeoDocto features health programs round the clock. Also, the internet radio service offered by NeoDocto uses more than a million radio interviews, more than 5000 fitness videos, and more than 50,000 health articles to provide the right health education.\

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