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NeoDocto opens up career opportunities in Abu Dhabi and launched Facebook Marketing Course

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on March 3, 2020.

Manhattan, New York – April 01, 2019 –To serve customers better NeoDocto arrived at the decision of expanding offices in different parts of the world. The establishment of an office in the United Arab Emirates is one such initiative. Not just customers in Abu Dhabi, their presence in UAE will benefit customers located in different parts of the country. During the launch, The Global President and CEO, Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa said ‘For many businesses and organizations, their Facebook presence has replaced their actual website because people are more likely to interact and receive updates there. Is there a blackout in your city or an emergency in your local area? There’s a good chance the power company or news agencies will be posting updates on Facebook more quickly and consistently than their own websites”. He also shared his experience, of how NeoDocto initiated facebook marketing activities to treat iron deficiency and anemia in the state of Bihar in India.

Mr. Sanneerappa also quoted ‘Customer satisfaction is one of the important goals of NeoDocto. With this motto, NeoDocto also believes that the ideas that they bring in should be useful for customers in one way or another. Even, they aim at building relationships that truly matter to customers.

With these intentions, NeoDocto has established business relationships with partners like Doctors, pharmacies, laboratories training centers, colleges, and universities in the United Arab Emirates with a view to serving the local customers better. In addition to establishing such relationships, NeoDocto has also expanded an office in this part of the world at Abu Dhabi in Defense Road to make sure that the customers get the right benefits.

For the UAE Branch, NeoDocto is looking to fill up the vacancy called Senior Business Development Manager. NeoDocto has stated in their ad posting for this position that they look for candidates with proven working experience as a business development manager or as a sales executive or a suitable role to apply for this position.

NeoDocto also expects that the applicants should have a proven sales track record. Further, experience in customer support will be a plus. NeoDocto expects that candidates applying for this position should be proficient in MS Office and also CRM Software. The organization also expects that the applicants should have English proficiency along with communication and negotiation skills and market knowledge. They should have the ability to build rapport and they should be good at planning and time management as well.

Iris John, The Business Intelligence Analyst working for NeoDocto in Abu Dhabi says ‘We create the ideas and build relationships that truly matter to our customers. So, their intention is to create ideas that will be fruitful for customers, particularly in addressing their health concerns in an effective manner.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto Inc. is incorporated in the USA and provides Education, Healthcare, Global Media, and IT services. NeoDocto continues to be one of the fastest growing IT services brands in Asia Europe and North America. NeoDocto has a presence across the globe with 81 offices spread over the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It currently employs people from 53 different nations.

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