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NeoDocto opens up career opportunities in Switzerland and Launches Facebook Marketing Course

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on July 30, 2019.

Madhukar Sanneerappa, CEO and Global President NeoDocto Inc.NeoDocto expands to different countries of the world with the motto of ensuring global reach. As a part of this expansion process, NeoDocto now has an office in Switzerland in Bern. With the slogan of establishing a solid employee base in different parts of the world, NeoDocto established an office in Bern in Switzerland.

Neodocto uses Facebook ads and Neodocto emergency calls as a treatment against stroke in Tripura and Orissa states in India. This is part of its project to make Tripura and Orissa stroke-free States. From the experience and tremendous outcome of these activities, NeoDocto has launched a new course in Digital Marketing – “Facebook Ads”.

Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, The Global President and CEO of NeoDocto Inc, explained how The issue of stroke is a very delicate one, which Neodocto is working hard to tackle and so rightly done. Education programs, seminars, and other methods have been conducted to create awareness about strokes and their causes as the first step is to enlighten individuals”.

The organization now includes the use of Facebook ads to fasten this enlightening process, as statistics show that India ranked the number one country in the number of Facebook users in the world with 270 million users as of April 2018.

The CEO of NeoDocto Inc said,” The participants enrolled in the NeoDocto Facebook Ads course will learn how to reach millions of people on Facebook in the most effective manner.” He added, “NeoDocto digital marketing course platform is rich in its content of various subjects, courses, video tutorials and summaries which will collectively be referred to as content and will form an integral part of this platform, which will be part of this intellectual property”.

The Head of the Human Resource Team at this branch Sally says “Our most valuable assets are our employees”. This is why to provide the best service to customers through employees they provide the best training to employees at each stage of their promotion process.

Further, NeoDocto always strives to ensure global reach with a strong local presence. So, they are establishing their operations in different countries of the world, which includes Switzerland as well. The team at NeoDocto works on a proven methodology for creating profound impact and also sustainable results.

For the Switzerland branch, NeoDocto is looking to fill up the positions like a Front-End developer, database developer, back-end developer, and mobile developer.

The Front-end developer will be responsible for using markup languages like HTML for creating user-friendly web pages. The hired candidate will also be responsible for maintaining and improving the website. He/she will also be responsible for optimizing applications for the utmost speed.

The Database Developer will be responsible for designing effective, dependable, and stable databases. The hired candidate will be responsible for optimizing and maintaining legacy systems. They will have to make changes to the databases as per the results of the performance tests and needs. The hired candidate will also be responsible for solving issues related to database usage and malfunctions.

The Back-end developer will be responsible for participating in the entire application lifecycle, by paying attention to debugging and coding. Similarly, NeoDocto has posted details about the responsibilities of the mobile developer, so that suitable candidates can apply.

With a view to standardizing the quality of service delivered to the customers and also to improve patient engagement and achieving controlled cost, NeoDocto aims at making effective use of technology to offer the best healthcare services to customers. The primary objective is not just to keep the customers informed about health, but also to strengthen their priorities in shaping a healthy future.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto has a foundation that supports society by offering a helping hand for creating equal opportunities and building a healthy world. The foundation strongly believes that their true wealth is the good things they do for society. The foundation extends a helping hand whenever its customers need it with respect to their health. With the motto of building a healthy world, NeoDocto creates equal opportunities for customers and for partners.

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