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NeoDocto’s expansion of the Business Development team to Taiwan added ‘hundreds’ of Jobs.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on July 31, 2019.

Manhattan, New York – 29th April 2019 – NeoDocto is a unique kind of healthcare technology development Company. They have developed many healthcare applications with a view of helping customers get dependable health information to keep themselves aware and lead healthy life.

NeoDocto announced to hire of hundreds of new employees for its business development team. NeoDocto plans to create “hundreds” of new jobs in Taiwan this year, expanding their operations in Taiwan and the NeoDocto team is operating from 14/F, Section 5, No.8 Xin Yi Road, Xinyi Dist. Taipei City, Taipei, 11049.

During the announcement The Global President & CEO – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa stated “NeoDocto provides an ideal professional work environment to increase the efficiency of our team to give an incredible experience for our customers”.

Every operation in NeoDocto is designed towards ensuring the best satisfaction to customers and also development to partners. NeoDocto believes in the concept of shared value for the end users. NeoDocto aims at eradicating the Malaria disease and its impact on human beings.

Taiwan is becoming a popular business hub for multinational companies and NeoDocto is not far to establish its operations and serve customers locally. Also, with the modern infrastructure and experience of doing business with the neighborhood countries, especially China, Taiwan is an ideal base.

An employee working as a Business continuity analyst of the technical department for NeoDocto working for Taiwan, Taipei says “we define disaster recovery and backup procedure in case there are any natural calamities. we develop strategies to prevent our data centers and resume operations at the earliest.”

NeoDocto deals with a huge combination of data. To make sure that the data related to their customers and business partners remain secured and safe, NeoDocto has the best backup and data recovery procedure in place. NeoDocto has the best system in place to make sure that the data pertaining to their customers remain safe and can be recovered quickly even in the case of any natural calamity.

For the Taiwan branch, NeoDocto looks for the right talents to fill up the job vacancy of Business Development Manager. NeoDocto is looking for energetic and ambitious applicants for this position. To qualify for this position the applicants must have completed their Bachelor of Arts or Science in Business Administration, Sales, or appropriate field.

An applicant hired for this position to work in the Taiwan branch of the organization will get paid off between TWD 10M and 15M. The candidate hired for this position will be responsible for developing a business development strategy with a focus on financial gain. The hired person will also be responsible for arranging business development meetings with clients.

NeoDocto expects that the candidate should help the organization in developing its clientele and the Business Development Manager should have the dedication to creating and applying an effective sales strategy.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto-made investments encompass not only infrastructure but also cover areas such as human resources, technology, and networking infrastructure. These investments have enabled NeoDocto to increase its new client penetration rate and have helped in attracting the best global talent.

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