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NeoDocto’s Global President and CEO collaborated with The Mayor of Aizwal to eradicate Malaria.

By Global Media, in Collaborations on May 11, 2018.

NeoDocto’s CEO and Global President of NeoDocto are traveling across northeastern states of India to eradicate malaria from India. After meeting the Governor of Mizoram, Mr. Nirbhay Sharma, and many other Governors from other states, Mr. Madhukar met the Mayor of Aizwal to continue his awareness chain in the northeast of India.

Manhattan, New York – May 07, 2018 – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa is the Founder, Global President, and CEO of NeoDocto. He is very closely associated with healthcare professionals and with his compassion towards every individual needing health care, he has designed many healthcare services to serve the entire population of the world.

His humility and sincerity are unmatched by anybody. He is the torch bearer of the Neodocto Malaria Eradication Program and believes that awareness and education together can bridge the gap between Life and Death. He is also one among many who believe that humans even though are not immortal, cannot die of ignorance from dangerous symptoms of a preventable disease. He thinks this is the worst thing that can happen to mankind in this digital era.

The mayor of Aizwal, Mizoram, Mr. Lalhmingthanga is a very dynamic leader leading by example. He has carried out many student-friendly programs to improve health and increase awareness of health among the public. He is well known for organizing a blood donation camp on Valentine's day last year, where a record of over 1000 people donated blood across Aizwal. Mr. Lalhmingthanga is also a member of the Aizawl Municipal Corporation.

At this grand meeting between Mr. Madhukar and Mr. Lalhmingthanga at Aizwal, Mizoram. Mr. Madhukar explained about the NeoDocto foundation and its initiative Neodocto Malaria eradication Program which has gained tremendous momentum in different states of India. Mr. Sanneerappa and Mr. Lalhmingthanga together discussed the deaths caused by malaria, a Vector-borne disease. Most of us know the vector, which is a female anopheles mosquito. He added that just by preventing its breeding and subsequently preventing its bite through mosquito nets and mosquito repellents, we can decrease malaria to a large extent. He pledged that Neodocto would help in achieving this by creating awareness about Malaria disease symptoms, treatment, and complications through various modes like TV, radio, articles, and posters. He further shared the statistics of malaria in Mizoram and urged him to take urgent necessary actions to eradicate it from Mizoram.

India had the fourth highest death rate due to malaria in the world. Four North-eastern states of India are highly vulnerable in terms of Malaria. Around 31 deaths were reported in 2015 and 69 deaths were seen over the past three years in Mizoram. It is the climate and weather conditions of the states that make them more prone to this disease. On average, 15 deaths per 10 million occur due to malaria and hundreds of malaria fever cases are reported every year. Mizoram has been top rated among other states as it has had 6916 cases reported between 2013 and 2017.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto based in Manhattan USA is a healthcare App development company. The company is leading healthcare awareness through its non-profit firm called Neodocto foundation. The organization has a global presence in 81 countries. Neodocto aims to provide affordable healthcare to everyone by connecting patients and other healthcare providers through the latest digital services. Neodocto Foundation has taken up an initiative through which they want to help eradicate malaria through Neodocto Malaria Eradication Program. NeoDocto foundation has already collaborated with 19 states in India which is a great move in itself.

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