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NeoDocto to equip the company’s focus in the Middle East country of Jordan, Amman

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Events on March 3, 2020

NeoDocto is known for its focus on providing health care services, and an incredible career and has decided to expand its influence in the Middle East.

Manhattan, New York – 29th April 2019 – The companies headquarter is based in the USA. NeoDocto will be able to leverage all experience gained in western and Asian markets. And this experience will allow the NeoDoctian team to offer a wide spectrum of healthcare and educational services in the Middle East.

The Global President & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. declared in a meeting that “The plan to gain influence culminated in opening up NeoDocto’s office in the Middle Eastern Country of Jordan and the expansion of NeoDocto’s operations in Jordan will allow us to provide services to the local market. He also added that “NeoDocto will give a more direct interaction with existing customers in Jordan. To expand NeoDocto’s operation in Jordan, Amman everyone in NeoDocto has been working for a long time. The board members and the team are all excited and confident about the readiness of the NeoDocto’s Jordan team”.

NeoDocto has made strategic investments with a clear focus on future expansion plans. The range of investment encompasses not only infrastructure but also covers areas such as human resources, technology, and networking infrastructure. These investments have enabled NeoDocto to increase its new client penetration rate and have helped in attracting the best global talent.

As far as Jordan is concerned NeoDocto’s team operates its day-to-day operations from the 2nd Floor, Anshasi Square, Bld# 28, Hussari St., Shmeisani, P.O Box: 940584, Amman, 11194.

NeoDocto’s strong reputation around the world for quality of service is at the heart of the company’s customer-centric focus. NeoDocto provides excellent job prospects for candidates interested in building an incredible career with NeoDocto. At present, NeoDocto has nearly 136 unique job positions at different branches of the organization. Further, the organization has many other job positions in other countries of the world as well.

NeoDocto is a dream destination for everyone who wishes to build an incredible career. We provide an ideal professional work environment to increase the efficiency of our team to give an incredible experience for our customers. NeoDocto has a projected growth of reaching 81 countries and 581 Cities and having about 35,000 employees, 8 Million Partners, and 300 Million Users. NeoDocto aims to create professionals who are well equipped to add value to our customers and business partners. We groom highly prolific employees who would work to provide healthcare services just a finger’s tap away.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto has business innovation in the global delivery model which is coupled with its technology and industry expertise, in the field of Healthcare, E-learning, and Media Services. This disruptive model has enabled the company to offer distinctly superior services that met the client's expectations. NeoDocto is ready to help equip people with the new skills and opportunities they need to thrive in the digital economy.

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