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NeoDocto USA CEO collaborates with Shri Anurag Goel IAS to Promote Malaria Eradication in Assam.

By Global Media, in Collaborations on May 13, 2018

Malaria Eradication is a very integral part of improving the quality of life of millions of people in India. Understanding its significance and motivated to eradicate it from India, the CEO of NeoDocto is traveling to India to take the Malaria Eradication Program of NeoDocto to every state including Assam.

Manhattan, New York – April 16th, 2018 – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, is the CEO and also the Global President of NeoDocto. He is known for his expertise in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. As he holds major positions in the organization, he oversees the important functions and also the global sales, business operations, and delivery for the organization. He takes care of talent management, quality excellence, sales performance, client relationship management, policies and systems, and key processes for NeoDocto. Now, he is traveling in Assam in India to improve the reach of the Malaria Eradication Program of NeoDocto.

In this process, he met Shri Anurag Goel IAS, Commissioner of Taxes of the Government of Assam. Previously, as an IAS Officer, Mr. Anurag has taken up many responsibilities not just in Assam, but also in many other parts of India. In fact, he has served the Government of India in six different ministries. The ministries include corporate affairs, finance, health, civil aviation, home, and defense. As he served the health domain, he very well knows the importance of ensuring the proper health of the local people. Mr. Madhukar met him during his marathon travel across India, in Assam to promote the Eradicate Malaria Program of NeoDocto.

Even though Assam is contributing to Malaria deaths happening in India in lesser numbers, still the state is not completely safe from Malaria. Particularly, four districts from the state are contributing to a larger number of the country’s Malaria Deaths. So, preventive measures for Malaria deaths are important. The same can be done in an effective manner through the Malaria Eradication Program of NeoDocto.

The meeting between these two personalities happened at the Kar Bhawan, Ganeshguri, and Dispur at Guwahati. At this meeting, Mr. Sanneerappa explained the Corporate Social Responsibility of NeoDocto to completely eradicate malaria from the world by educating people through different sources. He showed his interest to the officer in establishing the program in Assam, such that Assam can be safeguarded in an effective manner.

NeoDocto holds the pride of being a unique type of healthcare-based technology organization that leads by example. The aim of the team at NeoDocto is to offer complete healthcare services for more than 7 billion people from across the world. They are the first of their kind and they wish that they should be the best.

About NeoDocto Foundation:

As a part of the initiative to expand its presence to different countries, NeoDocto has established offices in different nations. Further, they are also conducting conferences in different countries to improve the reach of their healthcare initiative. As a part of this process, the founder of NeoDocto Mr. Sanneerappa is presently touring Assam and he is meeting different personalities in the state.

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