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Introduction to Pinterest

In addition to offering a distinctive approach to communication, the rapidly expanding image-based social networking site Pinterest has enormous potential to increase your company's exposure and brand recognition.

Because Pinterest provides a really creative way to share and connect with people who share your interests, even people who had little interest in other social media platforms have joined.

With more than 10 million monthly visitors and over 2 million visitors each day, Pinterest is a very useful tool for promoting your brand, communicating with potential clients, and spreading the word about your business.

But exactly how does Pinterest operate?

Similar to the local grocery stores, convenience stores, and shopping mall bulletin boards that you may have seen, Pinterest operates on a worldwide scale.

Similar to how announcements, news, products for sale, and items of interest are posted on corkboards and bulletin boards in local businesses, Pinterest's basis is built on giving users the chance to "pin" the things that interest them.

Imagine having the ability to make a virtual "sticky note" for your company that is viewed by thousands of visitors every day. Now take into account the branding potential that is currently at your disposal by making use of the popularity of a virtual "corkboard".

It comes as no surprise that hundreds of companies, business owners, and marketers have started to create innovative marketing initiatives centered around the rapidly expanding Pinterest community.

Exploiting the Popularity of Pinterest

You must comprehend the features and additional alternatives while creating pins if you want to develop a successful marketing strategy inside the Pinterest community.

Image Showcase

Your ability to develop, gather and show a variety of photos from your websites, resources, and even other websites in your niche industry are one of the most potent elements of a successful pin.

While many Pinterest pages are created around specific brands, tangible goods, and collectibles, you can easily create popular Pinterest pages around your offers by assisting members in finding your very own "themed" image collections. Visitors to Pinterest are interested in exploring relevant content related to their interests.

You can easily create a Pinterest page that features a comprehensive collection of product images from your inventory, for instance, if you are in the business of selling physical products like t-shirts, mouse pads, books, DVDs, or anything else that typically uses visual marketing components to sell your items.

However, even if you offer digital goods, you may still benefit from image-themed pins by building a visual library of all the brand-related resources you use, such as your ebook covers, logo, and other image-based marketing materials.

Additionally, don't end there. Spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and even mind maps can be used as the basis for visual marketing campaigns on Pinterest.

Examples of Successful Pinterest Campaigns

Think about the image-based training resources you employ in your offerings. All of these can be utilized to build Pinterest-based pages that show your services and goods in a visual manner.

Let's examine Etsy more closely using a couple of successful Pinterest marketing examples. You can find their Pinterest page at

Simply by exhibiting handcrafted items, apparel, vintage collections, and designs from their community, Etsy has established a presence on Pinterest.

However, Etsy is just one of many online shops that have benefited from Pinterest's huge audience. To better interact with their target audience, big-brand firms like Sony Music, Pepsi, apparel designers, interior designers, and many others have created Pinterest profiles.

Mashable has experienced amazing success when it comes to online businesses because to its Pinterest page, which is accessible at

Mashable is the ideal illustration of how online businesses can start driving highly targeted traffic to their websites right away, increasing exposure with a minimum of effort.

The fundamental idea behind Mashable's Pinterest page is to simply take conventional blog posts and produce a straightforward overview or summary of each piece of material using images.

For instance, you could simply make an image that represents "traffic" with 10 headlines describing the various traffic sources if you were writing a blog post about the "Top 10 Traffic Sources For This Year." You could then direct visitors from Pinterest to your website by linking that image to the full article on your blog!

When someone clicks on your image, they will be taken to a complete article on your blog or website; alternatively, you may direct them to another social networking site, such Facebook or Twitter. You may send visitors to any page you choose, including sales pages, lead capture sites, download pages, or another one of your Pinterest pages.

Viral Marketing With Pinterest

Another strong feature of Pinterest's design is how quickly your pins can become popular.

If people enjoy your pins, they may decide to "re-pin" them, increasing exposure and spreading your message over a large number of Pinterest pages.

A popular pin page will show you how many people re-pinned each update if you look at it closely. A single pin has occasionally been repinned hundreds of times!

The amount of "likes" for your pin will be displayed at the bottom of your Pinterest sites.

It's also quite simple to create photographs for your Pinterest pages. You don't have to use elaborate graphics or hire a graphic designer to perform the job for you. The most effective pin-based graphics are frequently ones that are straightforward, direct, and concise.

With a direct connection to your sales website, your image might be nothing more than the product cover. Or, for a more successful Pinterest campaign, you could make an image based on a recent news story that would draw in a wider audience and direct them to a comprehensive post on your website that related to the news story.

You should concentrate on developing inventive Pinterest campaigns that will rapidly grab a viewer's attention and appeal to a larger audience.

The majority of the images that successful marketers employ are relatively straightforward and unambiguous, but some marketers also utilize more complex visuals, such as charts, images that represent the entirety of articles, and even cartoons, to assist convey their marketing messages.

Simply use your creativity to begin pinning any and all pieces of information that can aid in increasing business recognition. With a little ingenuity and creativity, nothing is unpinnable!

Quick Start Ideas

Post amusing or humorous photographs that relate to your niche market and direct visitors to an in-depth article on your website.

Create giveaways and contests on Pinterest to entice other users to repin your pages.

Use visual "stimulators" to your advantage and design vibrant pins to grab people's attention. When you have legal authorization to distribute them, high-definition photographs from stock photo websites are effective at grabbing viewers' attention right away.

Include photographs from your training in your pins. If you work in social marketing, you might make a straightforward graph showing the top social marketing websites according to visitor statistics and outreach. If you work in the weight loss industry, you may develop a brand image that promotes ordinary weight reduction.

Maximizing Exposure for Unlimited Free Traffic

Business owners and even affiliates can engage with potential clients on Pinterest and produce new, fresh leads as well.

Here are just a few strategies you may use to benefit from Pinterest's popularity and increase your affiliate earnings.

Make visuals based on current events, then include them in a website article. Earn money from affiliate deals that are related to the subject. Although your content need not be about the event, it should introduce it.

For instance, you might make a pin with the title "Apple's New iPhone Failure" and an image that links to a page on your website that discusses how Apple can't keep up with demand for its products and how getting your hands on one is practically impossible.

You may then provide a summary of alternative cell phones that are comparable to the iPhone, directing readers to retailers via your affiliate link. Consider how much money you may earn by simply capitalizing on recent news and occurrences!

The capability of gathering and displaying photographs from the Internet is one of the features. You can create your own themed collections or browse other members' boards to find new products.

Since Pinterest is primarily a visual social networking platform, it is simple to make eye-catching pinboards that will draw in new clients.

If your business is centered on fashion, photography, travel, or design-based products, Pinterest will be useful for your marketing campaign. However, with a little imagination, you can use Pinterest to promote almost any other type of business.

As an illustration, one business produced a "Twitter Cheat Sheet" that was merely a picture summarizing the various sections of the Twitter community website. Many new Twitter users and marketers pinned this image numerous times. Think about what you could produce to draw visitors to your website and use Pinterest to build your own aesthetically enhanced marketing strategy.


  • Develop image-based content related to your expertise. Think of infographics, spreadsheet graphics, or graphics.

  • Opening up competitions and activities centered around your customer base will encourage people to pin your image material. This will result in more images featuring your business (logo, creatives, etc).

  • Tweet out links to the Pinterest collections you have created to drive users to other social media platforms.

  • Directly market your products! Pinterest will add a price tag to your pin if you precede a number in your pin with the symbol $. Selling images, stock photos, logos, mascots, and other works of creativity are all options.

  • Consider the various image-based training tools you've used in your company, and how you may employ similar images to build well-liked Pinterest pages. graphics or tutorials in visual form.

To succeed on Pinterest, you must actively promote your pages. Add a button or tag that says "follow me on Pinterest" to your blogs and web pages. Instead of only pinning your own content, pin content from other people's pages to add value to your followers, both old and new.

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