The 7-Step Goal Setting System

The 7 Step Blueprint To Rewiring Your Mind For Success

Is it true that you can achieve anything you set your mind to in life? Of course, the answer is "to a point." Sure, there are limits to what we can accomplish, but on the whole, we can definitely surprise ourselves when it comes to just what we can manage, which is why it is so important to aim for the stars. That is why it is critical to have a goal, and a vision, and to go after it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and don't give up when things get tough.

All of these are nice platitudes. But what if you don't know what you want to accomplish?

What if you have a lot of goals?

What if your goal is truly unattainable? It's pointless to wish you were an astronaut if you're in your 40s; that ship has sailed.

But there are solutions to all of these issues, and they begin with knowing how to write goals. Once you understand how to pick your battles, once you understand what you want and what your passion is, you can begin to make those things happen.

And once you know how to write goals correctly, you'll find it much easier to execute them and see them through to completion.

In short, correctly writing goals is the key to unlocking all of life's riches. What's the good news? This is something you can learn on your own. So, let's get started and see how you go about writing goals and then making them a reality.

It only takes seven steps.

Learn Your Passions

The first step is to identify your areas of interest. When we are passionate about something, it drives us to live. It animates us, making us more charismatic, inspirational, and exciting to be around. Passionate people are both leaders and innovators. Passionate individuals lead the charge, while everyone else simply follows.

So your first goal should be to find that passion, which means you should think hard about what makes you come alive.

Throw away everything you think you're supposed to like. Forget everything you've been told to pursue in your life. Instead, consider when you were the happiest. Consider how you would spend a billion dollars if you had unlimited funds. Consider what you would do right now if you had nowhere to be and no constraints.

When was the last time you worked on a project that really inspired you? When was the last time you were enraged by the state of things and felt compelled to fix them?

If you choose a goal that does not appeal to your interests, you will lack the motivation to pursue it. And if you do, you will be disappointed with the results. This section is critical.

Create a Vision

A vision is not the same as a goal, but it is a great foundation on which to build your goals. So, what exactly is a vision?

Essentially, this is an abstract concept - a mental picture of how you want your life to be. You haven't worked out the details yet and are instead imagining what life would be like in a perfect world.

Everyone is unique, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Some people will want to live in a massive mansion and be extremely wealthy. Others will imagine themselves as a best-selling novelist. Others will simply want a peaceful place to spend time with their family. These are all perfectly valid visions, so sit down, close your eyes, and imagine what your life will be like from now on. There are no expectations, no rules, just an image of your ideal reality.

Write a Mission Statement

You will now use your vision and knowledge of your passions to create a mission statement. This is a commitment to a particular way of life and a specific set of objectives.

Companies have mission statements that are independent of their products or what they 'do.' A mission statement should include both what a company plans to do and why it plans to do it.

So, while a technology company may manufacture computers, this is not its mission statement. The mission statement is the impetus for that determination, as well as the unifying set of principles that link all of their products.

A mission statement could thus be something like 'creating technology that allows people to create more and be more productive.' This sounds a lot like Microsoft's mission statement.

Alternatively, the mission statement could be 'to create beautiful, desirable technology that complements your personal style.'

Both of these mission statements are appropriate for technology companies, but they paint a very different picture of the type of technology produced and the reasons for its production. Furthermore, you can imagine that the two companies guiding principles in designing those products would be very different.

Now you'll create your own mission statement, taking into account your interests, skills, and vision - everything that is important to you. This will take into account everything we've discussed thus far and distill it into a promise.

"Geoff's mission is to push the boundaries of science, relationships, and the world."

"Bob's mission in life is to be the best father, husband, and brother he can be."

"Joan's mission is to capture pure joy by living life to the fullest, being present in every moment."

"Anthony's mission is to maximize his financial and professional potential while establishing himself as a powerful and influential figurehead."

What is your mission statement?

Choose Concrete Long-Term Goals

Now that you've established your vision and mission statement, it's time to set some long-term objectives.

These should assist you in realizing your vision while also fulfilling the mission statement that you have written for yourself.

A long-term goal could be to get married and have children, build a beautiful home, travel the world, or to become a famous rock star.

Again, don't limit yourself by what you can and cannot do.

However, consider whether the goal you've set for yourself will truly lead to happiness. Furthermore, consider how it will fit into your current routine and lifestyle. Try to imagine and visualize what your desired lifestyle will be like. Run it through your head and try to imagine yourself living it. Is this what you really want?

I say this because we can sometimes have goals and visions that involve viewing life through rose-colored glasses. For example, we might imagine ourselves as highly successful CEOs, running our own businesses and always wearing slick suits. That sounds great until you realize you'll be on the phone all day, working until 8 p.m., and having little time for your family.

So think about it carefully and make sure you're certain. One of the only things worse than failing to realize your dreams is achieving them only to discover that you are unhappy with them!

Begin with your lifestyle, and your feelings, and then build the career, circumstances, relationships, and so on that will support it.

It's also worth noting that you don't have to limit yourself to your professional career. This is a huge mistake because success can take many forms, and the things that make us the happiest often have little to do with what we get paid for.

Why work longer and longer hours to earn money to become what you want to become when you could work less and pursue your interests in your spare time?

Make a Plan

Now that you've identified your overarching goal, the next step is to devise a strategy for making it a reality. What you require is a strategy and a method for pursuing and claiming the things you desire in your life.

This is where you must be inventive, resourceful, and determined. This is also where you may need to think more abstractly.

You can accomplish anything; you just need to plan out how you're going to do it.

For example, you may wish to be a famous rock star but believe that this is not realistic given your age and inability to play any instruments. That's not a great start, but we can make it work!

What you'll do is consider alternative ways to begin achieving your goals right away. In this case, you could learn to play an instrument and create a YouTube channel where you teach others.

If you're a good teacher with a fun personality, you can build a following and, as you improve, that exposure could lead to some fame. Maybe even a record deal.

Think About the Feeling

But it doesn't matter if you're not famous and never get that record contract.

Why? Because you're already creating music and being seen by a large number of people. In that sense, you've achieved the heart of your goal and received the same reward.

This is why we began with something abstract and are only now moving on to something more concrete. You can express your passions in a variety of ways as long as you adhere to the mission statement.

Do you want to be an astronaut? Couldn't looking through a telescope and becoming an astrophotographer provide the same thrill of discovery? At the very least, it could be the next best thing. Or how about flying with Virgin Galactic?

There are always ways to make our fantasies a reality.

Break it Down

You need to create your smaller, short-term goals now that you have a version of your goal and a concrete plan to work toward.

These objectives should be straightforward, immediate, and pass-fail. They must be completely under your control and serve as stepping stones to living the life you desire.

For example, if you want to be a Rockstar, you should begin by learning an instrument. That means your new goal is to practice for 10 minutes every night.

This works best because it prevents you from making excuses. Either you're working on your goal or you're not. But if you keep going, the big rewards will come to you.

Review, Assess and Continue

And now you have your steps and your overarching goals, which should lead you to happiness and fulfillment. The final piece of the puzzle is to just keep going while also tweaking and changing your goals.

That last bit is critical because people and circumstances change. Furthermore, you may not get everything right the first time. So make sure you're constantly making those changes and reviewing your progress so you can adjust your goals as needed. Give them enough time to see if they work before abandoning them out of stubbornness if they don't!

It may sound corny, but you must ultimately follow your heart. When you do this, you will enjoy everything you do and will gain a tremendous sense of purpose simply by attempting to make your dreams a reality.

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