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NeoDocto announces the expansion of the new office of NeoDocto in Croatia

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Global Media, in Uncategorized on March 3, 2020.

Ensuring the right healthcare at the right time for the customers, NeoDocto is expanding its operation in Croatia.

Manhattan, New York – April 30, 2019 – NeoDocto is a unique healthcare company that aims at improving quality healthcare for patients. The vision of NeoDocto is to support and save more lives on earth. The company wishes to do this by bringing together the doctors and patients at the right place and more importantly at the right time.

In Croatia, NeoDocto operates at the Grand Centar at Hektorovićeva Ulica 2 in Zagreb. NeoDocto looks for suitable candidates to fill up software engineer, IT Director, Programmer, and IT Consultant positions at the Croatia branch. Candidates appointed for the software engineer position will be responsible for executing full lifecycle software development. They will also be responsible for programming efficient codes that are not just testable, but also well designed.

The IT Director hired by NeoDocto will be responsible for overseeing all technology operations and evaluating them as per the established goals by the company. The hired candidate will also be responsible for establishing information technology policies and systems.

The responsibility of a Programmer will be collaborating with business analysts and developers in the process of software designing and development. They will also be responsible for formulating program specifications and fundamental prototypes.

The main responsibility of the IT Consultant will be to understand the requirements of customers and the business objectives of partners of NeoDocto. Also, they will have to provide strategic advice on technology usage.

With a view to connecting doctors and patients at the right time and the right place, NeoDocto offers a service called Emergency Call. The purpose of the emergency calling service offered by NeoDocto is to provide priority care for immediately supporting patients in the case of any health emergencies.

Not just at times of emergencies, in some instances, patients will have some doubts to be clarified by their doctors. To make communication easier, NeoDocto offers the ‘Invite Doctor’ and ‘Speak to Doctor’ services. Using these services, patients can connect to their doctors directly in case of any health-related queries.

About NeoDocto:

In addition to providing the best service to patients, by all means, NeoDocto also has an application with more than 30 verticals that are dedicated mainly to providing different healthcare services to their customers. Customers of this company have the option to select from the wide range of health services on offer. They can also select any of the subscription plans offered by the company.

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