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Stay Informed

Dear valued applicants,

We wish to bring a crucial matter to your attention regarding third-party affiliations with NeoDocto. NeoDocto is not engaged in any partnerships with external entities. It is imperative to note that NeoDocto operates independently through its expansive network spanning in 81 countries.


We want to emphasize that if you encounter any person or organization soliciting funds under the pretext of securing internship or job opportunities at NeoDocto, we earnestly urge you to report such instances promptly. Your cooperation is vital in maintaining the integrity of our recruitment process. Kindly forward any related information to

Stay Informed:

For your reference, the only authorized and legitimate website of NeoDocto is Please exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any alternative sources.

Official Website Clarification:

NeoDocto unequivocally declares that it is not accepting any form of deposits, advances, or tokens associated with job placements or internships. Our commitment is to a fair and transparent recruitment process.

No Financial Transactions:

It is crucial to acknowledge that NeoDocto will not assume responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages incurred by individuals in connection with fraudulent websites, emails, or communications falsely claiming association with NeoDocto.

Disclaimer of Liability:

Should you have any questions, concerns, or require clarification, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at We are here to assist and ensure the protection of our community.

Thank you for your vigilant attention to this matter, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of NeoDocto's operations.


NeoDocto Team

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Stay Informed:

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