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Find photos, biographies, and speech transcripts of  NeoDocto executives and team members



Global President and CEO

Dr. Phani Bhushan


Global Vice President and CFO


Damian Bassett

Business Head of Mergers and Acquisitions

We believe that all the mergers and acquisitions of NeoDocto will add tremendous value to our customers.


Radio Jockey of NeoDocto Internet Radio

Our programs are dedicated for better healthcare solutions through radio interviews of experts and doctors.

Andrew Henry

Senior Consultant,

Corporate Affairs

We set industry standards and passionately work to create and inspire every customer


Manager for

NeoDocto Affiliates

NeoDocto affiliates program is one of the best and simple way to earn additional income.


Events Coordinator of


Success depends upon our planning and preparation and without these there is no success


Account Coordinator in

Customer Service

At Neodocto we don't earn loyalty in a day. But earn loyalty day-by-day.


Senior Associate in Corporate Development of Marketing

We are transforming the health care industry Globally, by integrating nearest pharmacies with doctor offices.

Jacque Thomas

Senior Web Designer in Technology Department

We don’t just design mobile apps, we build our partners businesses.


Head Of Human Resource


Our team works on proven methodology to create profound impact, and sustainable results.

Nakama Hithomi

Integration Manager In Information Technology

At NeoDocto things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire our customers to make a difference.


Head Of Partnership Services For Sales And Marketing

We love to deliver tremendous value to our customers through our websites, apps and services.


Manager Of Business To Customers In Marketing

At NeoDocto we demonstrate a good work ethic and a great customer service.


Manager Of NeoDocto

Chat Support

We don't find fault but find a remedy.


Company Secretary

At NeoDocto, we understand that our customers want services that tell stories and inspire.


Data Visualization Engineer In Technology Department

We understand and visualise customer’s experiences with our app and consistently grow with our partners and customers.

Mark Heddad

Advisor Of NeoDocto Support

At NeoDocto, we believe that ‘customer satisfaction is worthy but customer loyalty is priceless’.


Customer Support Advisor of


We understand the easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is to make our customers happy.


Customer Support Manager

In the world of Internet Customer Service, NeoDocto is getting closer than ever to our customers.


Graphic Designer Of Marketing

We constantly optimize our App design, carefully considering our customer's


Dilip Joshi

Events Coordinator of


Success depends upon our planning and preparation and without these there is no success


Head Of Product In

Mobile App Design

The user interface design of our Mobile APP displays our passion to make our planet healthier. We use most advanced technologies to make this happen.


Process Trainer

It's all about training and there is no shortcut for knowledge transfer.


Coordinator Of Management Information Systems Team

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into meaningful task.


Senior Manager In Operations

We innovate healthcare solutions with a compassion for our customers to build the trust.

Chris Therien

Data Architect Of NeoDocto

At NeoDocto, data really powers everything that we do.


Project Manager

We build everything as simple as possible to make our customer's life easy.


Head Of Design In Building Online Branding Presence

Our passion for healthcare always focuses on establishing best doctor and patient’s relationships.


Host Of NeoDocto TV

Our objective is to provide health education for all.


Manager Of Finance Department

We plan our cash flow management and contingency to determine right budget and achieve quality that are accessible and affordable to our customers

Sandy Leon

Consultant For NeoDocto Business Solutions

We create the ideas and build relationships that truly matters to our customers.

Frank George

Manager Of Promotions

When we give huge discounts, our values comes to life but we do not compromise on the quality.

Andria Markers

Head Of Data Analytics In Marketing

At Neodocto we value every customer.


CRM Business Analyst Of Customer Relationship

It helps our customers to save time and money.


Social Content Creator In Digital Marketing

Transforming a “NeoDocto” brand into a socially responsible service takes dedication and passion.


Manager, Business Development Of Marketing

At NeoDocto We believe that every action may not always bring customer success but there is no success without appropriate action.


Manager In Customer


At NeoDocto customer relations is practiced to serve the customer interest, to develop mutual understanding between Neodocto and our customers.

Craig Boriemst

Data Architect

At NeoDocto, data really powers everything that we do.


Marketing Coordinator In Sales And Marketing

We’ve built the best Healthcare app to empower our customers and business partners.


Data Quality Manager For


Data empowers every service we deliver to our customers.


Help Desk Associate In Support

At NeoDocto we never settle for satisfaction because we believe that a loyal customer is the best asset of all.


Senior Executive Of Human Resources

At NeoDocto, we look for right people who have vision and train them to become great people.

Ankith Kumar

Security Program Manager In Legal Department

We are committed to ensuring that our customer’s privacy is protected, all the time.


Business Continuity Analyst Of Technical Department

We develop strategies to prevent our data centres and resume operations at the earliest.


Administrator Of NeoDocto Offices

The key is not to prioritize what’s on schedule, but to schedule our priorities.


Corporate Team 

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