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Grab Your Brand New Hybrid Mobile Responsive Website For Just $39 Per Month

Get 10X More Clicks, Leads & Sales!

10X faster, 4X more scalable, unlimited storage and hosting to handle unlimited visitors.

Getting Massive Sales

The Internet is FULL of customers. But are you getting buyers and the sales you deserve? Less than 1% are taking advantage of mobile responsive websites that powerfully engage customers like never before.

We design aesthetically stunning websites

STOP your customers from scrolling past you, get them engaged instantly so they start clicking and buying.

Get Record-Breaking Engagement from your visitors

DON'T Get Left Behind

The likes of Coca-Cola, Netflix, Mercedes and Starbucks COMMAND attention and continue to GROW at a staggering rate.


It’s hypnotic, captivates attention and boosts engagement like NEVER before especially when you have a mobile responsive website. Even if you try to look away, it’s impossible.


EVERYONE loves mobile responsive websites.


They're stunning to browse, fun to share and the best part is... it gets YOU results. It's magical and that is why they’re beginning to explode EVERYWHERE on the Internet.


The SIZZLE Of Getting Customers Is Here

Getting buyers today just got easier. Before your visitor listens, reads or watches your message, your hybrid mobile responsive website gets their attention. You automatically get compelling authority and credibility.

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Great website designers to work with. The NeoDocto team is honest, genuine, creative, and unique. There is no limit to their ideas and creativity and they are always happy to the extra mile. This year our sales are more than double. Thank you NeoDocto team

Pete Adams

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Really Happy. Good communication. Fast and fair prices. It gives me great pleasure to recommend NeoDocto to anyone who needs a website. Throughout our collaboration, they have been professional, comprehensive, and competent. We have established a long-term relationship with them. 

Suzan Li

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We would highly recommend NeoDocto. They are great to work with. The service we have received since our website is live has been excellent. They are responsive, professional and honest. We highly recommend NeoDocto.Our new website has received overwhelmingly positive feedback; my customers described it as "FANTASTIC."

Elle Jansen


What Our Clients Are Saying

Cutting edge

Scalable Architecture

A Better Way to Work

After serving as a white label for more than 8 well-known brands across the globe, We are now directly providing services to end customers.


We are like wholesalers for the creation of websites.


It's like having your own dedicated web design team for your company, with the added benefit of having the website provided to you upfront without having to pay a large bill.

Contact us 

Contact one of our consultants about your website needs. As soon as you submit an order, our engineering staff will begin developing your website. We will set up a domain name and hosting plan and launch your website after you are pleased with the results.

Our vast professional experience and global presence in 81 countries, make us the best choice when it comes to web designs and coding that bring results beyond expectations.


​NeoDocto has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 on GlassDoor, based on over 3100 reviews left anonymously by employees. We’re all about more. More breaks, more calm, more money in your pocket. We want you to live a better life, not focus on learning new technology or paying huge bill to get your website up and running. There’s no limit to what you can sell (Service bookings, Monthly subscriptions, etc.) You always get access to all the features.





In an Ordinary World,


From small companies, to marketers, to agencies – our plans give you the freedom you need to grow. All plans come with a free website development (up to 100 hours of our engineering team)

How can 100 hours of our engineering team be free?

It all starts with a corporate vision. Our goal is to have over one million websites worldwide utilising NeoDocto to service their website visitors and expand their businesses. To achieve that aim, we understood we had to make the service cost extremely appealing, beginning with a fully functional website that is completely free. We will have to serve you for a long time in order to recoup our investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes – we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If NeoDocto isn't right for you for any reason, simply contact us and we'll arrange your refund, no questions asked!

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes - just get in touch with our team and we'll arrange to switch your current plan over to a new one.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with credit card or PayPal. This ensures you won't have any disruptions to your website during your marketing campaigns.

Can you create a custom plan for my business?

Yes – if you need advanced infrastructure, additional software integrations, higher account security, plus dedicated support, we can tailor an individual plan to fit your needs. Simply contact us for details.

How much time does it take to design and construct a website?

Typically, it takes 2-4 weeks to design and create a conventional 5-page website. This takes into account the time needed to compose your material, design the website, and enable time for you to approve or request modifications to the provided website designs. We can, of course, make accommodations if you're searching for a quicker project timetable.

What happens if my payment fails? Like if my credit card expires?

Your account email will be notified after each failed payment. Payments may be retried up to 4 times within a  month. After this, if the payment did not succeed, your website will be inactive.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

Your anuual website subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription by going to subscription tab. After you cancel, you’ll still have access to all the paid features until the end of your billing cycle.



Every business has different goals, challenges and opportunities. Our role is to identify it and work with you to make your website a powerhouse, that cleverly approaches your target market and uses design psychology to win customers.

Free will to use HD quality images and videos when we build your website. 

Your website will go live from highly scalable cloud server.

You save $180 

1 year domain free

You save $15 

Accept unlimited payments securely from your customers

Your website will never go down.

$5 per month 1000 visitors (First 1,000 unique visitors per month are always free)

All Plans Include





With NeoDocto, it’s a Yes!

Billed annually

No contracts

No hidden charges

Cancel Anytime

30-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee



Interested in NeoDocto Services? We're here to help.

For pre-sales questions, existing customers who need a hand, or other inquiries, 

contact us

and we’ll get back to you in about 24 minutes.


Choose a Plan
That Works for You

From small companies, to marketers, to agencies – our plans give you the freedom you need to grow. All plans come with a free website development (up to 100 hours of our engineering team)


Premium Plan

US $79

Per Month - Billed Annually

Professional Website

Complete SEO

Ultra Interactive Chatbot

  • Includes Lite Plan and Pro Plan Plus:

  • Get 10 times more leads than traditional forms

  • Smooth workflow

  • Targeted sequences and funnels

  • Chatbot Characterization

  • 10 Conversation steps

  • Conversational script included

  • Technical design included

  • Secure and clean navigational flow

  • 24/7 availability

  • Answer queries of buyers

  • Instant Replies

  • Cut down on human errors

  • Increase sales

  • Higher customer satisfaction rates

  • The first 100 chats per month are always free.

  • Customers can order without human help

  • Custom-built and developed based on your requirements

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Built on latest Artificial Intelligence technology

  • Automatic deep learning approach

  • Increased consumer interaction

  • Reach new potential clients

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Hassle-free life

Pro Plan

US $59

Per Month - Billed Annually

Professional Website

Complete SEO

No Chatbot

  • Includes everything in the Lite plan plus:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Title/Meta description optimization

  • Accurate keyword density

  • Alt tag optimization of the images

  • H1 and H2 tags optimization

  • SEO friendly URL

  • Submit XML sitemap in google webmaster tool

  • Adding Sitemap

  • optimizing Robot.txt

  • Website page internal linking

  • URL canonicalization

  • Schema Markup

  • Web Pages Crawling & Fetching

  • Technical SEO Audit

  • Local Optimization of the site (On-Page SEO)

  • Image Submission Links

  • Safe Anchor Text

  • A good mix of different search intents

  • Informational & Transactional search queries

  • Parent and child keywords

  • Mixture of head, middle and long tail keywords

  • Google Indexing

Lite Plan

US $39

Per Month - Billed Annually

Professional Website


No Chatbot

  • Design and development of 4 high quality web pages

  • Modern web structure with secure and clean coding.

  • Full compliance with your brand and color choices.

  • Easy to navigate across all devices.

  • Visually attractive, eye-catching elegant design.

  • High-quality images, graphics and visuals included.

  • Compatible with mobiles, Ipads, Iphones & Android devices.

  • Compatible with desktops, laptops and large screens.

  • Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

  • Unlimited disk storage.

  • 10X faster loading site.

  • The first 1,000 unique visitors per month are always free.

  • Best in class TLS 1.3 Encryption server security.

  • Top class 24*7*365 DDoS server protection.

  • Your website will go live from a highly scalable server

  • No contracts

  • No hidden charges

  • Cancel Anytime

  • 30-day risk-free money back guarantee

  • Blogger
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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This website is designed and developed By NeoDocto

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